Connect is a single platform for deaf and hard of hearing people from all around the world.

Offers you 4 must-have features in one application that is going to make a difference in the way the hearing society communicates with the deaf and hard of hearing.

Sound Monitor detects sounds of potential danger in real time. The sounds detectable include screaming, car honking, dog barking, and alarms. In case a dangerous situation occurs, our app informs a user about it with the help of flashing lights and vibration signals.

Connect helps improve communication of deaf and hard of hearing people with the hearing society they live in. Its operating principle is simple: it converts text into speech or speech into text.

Dance enables the deaf and hard of hearing enjoy their favorite tracks that are converted into vibration signals or flashing lights and feel the rhythm of the track with the help of a visual equalizer displayed on the screen of user's smartphone.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.